About Me

Get to know what I do and offer.

My name is Jamie,

I’m based in Wodonga Victoria, and in December 2015 our family farm was destroyed by fire, and to begin with you can’t believe the enormity of the damage caused by the fire.

What has happened

In 2020 Australia was devastated by it’s worse Natural Disaster. The 2020 Bushfires destroyed everything in it’s path, and left a huge job to rebuild the land for our fire affected. Fencing is one of the most underrated, exhausting, and time consuming tasks in the recovery. 18 Months down the track we are still at it @ Fencing For Fires.

Here to help

I want to dedicate my time and effort to at least begin to give the families/businesses affected by these fires a hand to begin the long journey of rebuilding their boundaries, livestock yards and paddocks!