Fencing For Fires - Fence

Time to support our fire affected Aussies! In 2020 rebuilding fences will be a huge task – get behind @fencingforfires to raise the funds to help! 

My name is Jamie, I’m based in Wodonga Victoria, and in December 2015 our family farm was destroyed by fire and to begin with you can’t believe the enormity of the damage caused by the fire that lasted only minutes when travelling through! 

However nothing prepares you for the length of time it takes to rebuild! Specifically your fences! It took almost a year of rebuilding our family boundaries and paddocks- marking out, digging holes, getting supplies, erecting and how can I forget smashing the steel pickets into the hardest ground known to man!  

This is why I want to dedicate my time and effort to at least begin to give the families/businesses affected by these fires a hand to begin the long journey of rebuilding their boundaries, livestock yards and paddocks! 

I want to use ‘GoFundMe’ to give the community the option to donate to my campaign, in which I will buy, store and arrange transport of fencing products to those who require a helping hand! I have over 6500 followers on my Facebook Page “Fencing For Fires” of which many have been offering assistance from labour to machinery! 

We are talking thousands of KMs of fencing 🙁 and every cent raised will go to the purchasing, transporting and any install costs of fencing associate with each property! 

So please donate to Fencing For Fires and help to support our fire affected Aussies!